Wedding Albums – Premium and Classic

Your wedding album is more than merely a “Coffee-table book”. It is something that not only helps you relive your wedding day for all eternity, but it is an invaluable keepsake that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Hence, as part of our wedding packages, we offer a couple of Hardbound Premium and Classic Albums. Major differences in the two categories of albums are the quality and durability of the binding and the packaging. Cover options also differ in both. However, the print quality in both types of albums is almost the same.

Premium Books

The Premium photo-books are luxurious and elegant.

The first album option that we highly recommend comes in a beautifully handcrafted Leatherette and Wooden box. This box is customized with the couple’s name carved in a graceful typeface on the wooden surface. Once opened, the box in laced in a velvet cloth that not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also protects the leatherette album cover from wear and tear whilst in the box. The album itself is suede leatherette-bound. The color of the leatherette is customizable. There are two album cover design options given to clients. In the first option, the cover image is placed in a laser-cut “square acrylic window” in the center of the front cover. The couple’s name is etched in the leatherette. The alternative is that the acrylic window appears on the right half of the cover and the names of the couple are etched on the left half. Printing your photographs on the Layflat Flush Mount pages of this album gives them a luxurious and eternal look.

Another choice in the Premium range of albums is a Silk-Matte Image-wrap album. The cover page itself is a full page image print. This album is also a lay-flat flush mount book with thick sheets.

A third option is an Image-wrap album with a dust-jacket, to ensure longevity. The album has a leatherette spine.The cover page again is a full page image print. This album comes in a gorgeous silk-lined sliding box, with the couple’s name and/or the date of the wedding printed it. Without the leatherette spine and with thinner pages, this album option is also available in the Classic range.

 Classic Books

As an alternative, we also offer some options in the Classic range of albums. These Classic albums are simple and elegant. They also consist of lay-flat flush mount pages that are thinner than the Premium Album. The following are your options:

Option 1: An album with a beautiful laser-etched design on the cover page with the couple’s name etched along with the design. To make it your own, clients can also customize the colors of the album. This book also comes with an option of viewing it online and in a mobile app.

Option 2: An album in a matching, top-open box that has a metallic name plate with the clients’ names and wedding date. The album cover has a square window cut-out to show your favorite photograph in. Cover colors can be customized. This book also comes with an option of viewing it online and in a mobile app.

Option 3: An Eco-Leather album that has a metallic name plate with the clients’ names and wedding dates. This book also comes with an option of viewing it online and in a mobile app.

Guest Books / Souvenirs

The last option is an adorable little photobook that can be a very thoughtful gift to the guests/friends. With the couple’s favorite photographs, this snap-book also comes with an option of viewing it online.


As far as the album design is concerned, we prefer clean and simple layouts. The style of design used is contemporary to match the current trends. We do not replace backgrounds, add text, etc because they tend to draw attention away from the images. Our layouts best showcase your images, as they’re delivered to you, and hence, make a statement of their own.

Lastly, because we are constantly in search of ways in which we can provide you with the best, we are always exploring new vendors. So, by the time we’ve finished shooting your wedding, chances are that we may have more options for you to choose from. Don’t forget to check back with us to make sure you’re looking at all your options.