FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We specialize in Contemporary (Candid) Wedding and Lifestyle Photography where we strive to create timeless memories for you which are natural, emotional, fun and that let you relive your special day over and over again! We also offer Wedding Cinematography. As part of Lifestyle Shoots, we take up Portrait sessions, Pre-wedding sessions, Maternity & newborn sessions, Fashion and Editorial work.

What is your style of wedding photography?

Over the years, we have developed our signature style which can be considered to be a mix of Candid, Contemporary, Fine Art and Photojournalistic Wedding photography. Depending on the situation and mood, we think about how to best use our artistic vision to tell your story. To create an all-inclusive view of the wedding festivities, we shoot candid images as well as some gorgeous posed portraits of the couple and their immediate family.

Do you also offer cinematography?

Yes, we offer Wedding Cinematography services as well. And our wedding films have been received well by our clients and followers.

What all do you cover?

We shoot right from the Bride and the Groom getting ready until all the wedding festivities are over. For example, in a wedding, this would include shots of Bridal make-up, jewelry, outfits, venue, decor, bride and groom getting ready, their portraits – individual and together, portraits of immediate family members, guests that actively participate in the wedding, all the ceremonies & rituals – creative close-ups and documentary wide angle shots. In addition to this, we will consider any particular shots that the client requests and we will try our best to get all those shots. In weddings, however, one must also consider situations that may be beyond control and coverage.

Do you shoot group pictures?

We focus on artistic photography, so traditional group/family pictures of all the guests are largely out of scope for us.  However, we don’t mind shooting a couple of pictures of the immediate family. Due to logistical constraints, we would not be covering all the guests.  Hence, we tend to focus on a select few who are actively involved in the wedding and take their candid shots. We do this to ensure that our time is used effectively and that we take creative shots rather than repetitive ones. If you want photographs and video of groups on the stage, we can recommend traditional photographers and videographers.

Do you provide Traditional Photography / Videography in addition to Candid Photography & Cinematography? We need a one-stop solution.

We do not shoot Conventional style Photos and Videos but we do have tie-ups with independent Traditional Photo/Video teams whom we can get along. These teams have been handpicked by us and they work well with us. We would be happy to share a sample of the work they have done for us previously. This way we function as a one-stop solution.

What if I want to hire my own Traditional photographer and videographer?

You are free to hire your own traditional photo and video team, but having multiple teams working on the same event can sometimes create friction. Having our own team will ensure that we can work seamlessly. If you still insist on hiring your own traditional teams, we only ask that you inform them that our team is also officially shooting your wedding and request that they co-operate with us. We will not hamper their work and expect the same in return. There are a few requirements we have from the traditional teams with respect to light. We will convey the same to you well in advance so that your team is aware of the same. This is to ensure that you get the best from both teams.

Having said this, we will definitely try our best to make the experience as smooth and memorable as possible for you. Our sole intention with the above request is to ensure that we deliver “nothing but the very best” images which you will cherish for years.

Is it a good idea for the bride and groom’s families to have separate Candid and Traditional teams?

We suggest that you hire one team to cover both families. You are going to be a single family, after all. 🙂 If there are events happening at different locations, we can also split the team accordingly. Having multiple teams might get a bit crowded and add to the chaos instead of helping.

How much do you charge?

Our charges start from INR 1,25,000 for a day (8hrs of on location work per day) of Wedding Photography and 1,00,000 INR onwards for Wedding Cinematography. Our charges for Pre-Wedding Shoots starts from 30,000 INR. The fees are dependent on the type and duration of the shoot. Drop us a message through our Contact page letting us know the location, the type and duration of the event(s) and we can send you options of the Packages you can choose from!

What does your package include?

Depending on the duration of hire, deliverables include soft copies of 500-1000 post-processed images per wedding. Both low-res and high-res versions of the images will be delivered to you through a cloud drive (we do not deliver DVDs anymore since they are long outdated) and will be available for you to download for up to three months after the images are delivered.

If for some reason, you are not able to download the images by then, please let us know so that we can let them stay longer in the cloud. Please ensure to make multiple copies on different local and external drives so that you do not lose the data.

We also recommend making a copy on to your cloud account. Along with the soft-copies, the Premium Wedding Packages include a customizable Premium album. If you have chosen Wedding Films, depending on the duration of hire, a 5-30 minute cinematic video and a shorter “Teaser” video, will be delivered to you through a cloud drive.

For Pre-Wedding Shoots, about 50-100 post-processed images will be delivered depending on the package chosen. Pre-Wedding or ‘Save The Date’ Films are generally 1-3 min long. Please refer to your package details for exact deliverables.

If you prefer the deliverables on a pen drive or a hard drive, you can either ship the same to us or pay us the cost of the drives.

What are your terms of payment?

We require that you put a 50% initial deposit to secure the date and the rest is to be paid on the day of the shoot/event. Post-processing of the images and video will begin only after the final payment is completed.

We reserve the right to withhold all the deliverables until the payment has been done in full.

How early should we book?

We generally start booking dates six months in advance, early booking are preferred for planning purposes. In any case, is best to check on our availability because it is possible that we are available even until a week before your wedding.

Do you shoot outside of Bangalore? Do you charge differently for such shoots?

More often than not, we are shooting outside Bangalore. We love traveling and it is part of the fun for us! For shoots outside of Bangalore, we generally ask the clients to take care of the airfare, airport transfers, local transport, and stay. We are also open to making reservations on our own which will be added to the final bill.

Do you work yourself or with a team?

We (Neeta Shankar and Varun Giridhara) are the primary photographers for all the shoots. Depending on the requirements of the event, we may get along 2 additional photographers to assist us with gear and get shots from additional angles. For Wedding Films, we have a team of 2-3 cinematographers who work according to our inputs and ideas. The NSP Team is a bunch of young, hand-picked, creative professionals who strive to artistically document your wedding without creating a feeling of intrusion, much like a family.  We all work together seamlessly, so you can be assured of a no-hassle wedding experience!

Will you stay and shoot for entire days and cover all my wedding customs?

Yes, we can. We love to cover the event in its entirety because it helps us in telling your story in the best way possible, but you may decide on how long you want us there depending on your budget. Drop us a line through the Contact Me page, and let’s see what we can do!

Why is Candid Wedding Photography and Cinematography so expensive?

Creating memories that are meant to last a lifetime – what your wedding day looked like and more importantly, felt like is not a trivial task. To put it simply, only well-captured images help you recollect emotions. Money spent on décor, dresses, and event management is unlikely to be remembered as well as they should be if all of it is not tastefully photographed. The only thing that you get to keep are the memories of the day in the form of pictures and video. So, wedding photography should be the last place where you should compromise. Please check out what our clients have said about us; it also keeps us reminded of the moments we have been fortunate to be part of and to have made a contribution to.

You are currently out of my budget. Are your charges negotiable?

If our prices are out of your budget, we can figure out a smaller package that will work for you and us; negotiating is not something we do because we believe that skill and hard work needs to be valued. We request you to understand that because we do not compromise on the amount of effort we put in, we are in no position to compromise on the payment.

If my wedding spans five days, and there isn’t a lot to do in the first three days. Will you charge me for those days?

We only charge for the number of hours we shoot. Typically, shooting for 8 hours is considered to be a full-day shoot. Clients are given the option of splitting the packages, to a certain extent, across multiple days. For example, a client can split a three-day package (a 24 hour shoot period) across four days. Please be sure to check with us as this may not be possible during peak wedding seasons. Additionally, it’s quite typical of an Indian wedding to exceed the time limits. So, you’ll definitely want us there from the beginning to the end!

What happens if our event exceeds the number of hours included in our package?

If we shoot for more than the allotted number of hours in the package purchased, the charges for the extra hours will be added to the final bill. When we are shooting the events in a flow, we may not be keeping track of the hours we have shot already. (We usually calculate this according to the date/time stamp, once we download the photographs into the system) Hence, we would not be able to inform you in the middle of the events when we have crossed the number of hours discussed. We request you to consider some buffer hours when you choose our packages so that our work is not rushed and we are able to cover the event in full.

Is it a good idea to set aside an hour or so on the wedding day for our couple portraits?

Most definitely! More than anything else, this will ensure that you get the images that you want. Photography, apart from being an essential part of a wedding celebration, is an art. To create art, time is the essence and things cannot be rushed. To get the most gorgeous bridal and couple portraits, the more time you can give us, the better they’ll be.

Can I have all the images, raw and unedited as well?

Because you trust us with our vision, we deliver only edited images. From all the images we shoot during a wedding, we reject all the test shots, shots with missed focus, shots that don’t have good expressions, and any duplicates. The reason we shoot in raw is to ensure that we’re working with the best quality. Raw images require particular software to be readable, and more importantly, they are unfinished. No professional will deliver unfinished work. More often than not, we deliver more than we promise!

What does your post-processing involve?

All the images that we delivered are color-corrected in Adobe Lightroom. Certain images are further enhanced in Photoshop. However, we do not partake in extensive editing like replacing backgrounds, adding/removing people/objects, changing outfits, etc. 🙂

What is the length of the final wedding film? Why can’t we get longer films?

Depending on the duration of hire, we edit and deliver a 5-30 minute cinematic highlights video and a shorter “Teaser” video (Please refer the quote for the exact duration as per the package chosen). Short films provide a better perspective and showcase a long story in an interesting manner. We shoot the entire event and edit it into a beautiful short story that captures the essence of the couple, their families, and the wedding. For a more extensive video which documents the entire length of the wedding, we can suggest a traditional team.

Do you provide albums? How do we go about ordering Albums from you?

All of our premium wedding packages include a Premium photo-book. You can also order additional books at an added cost. For more information on the different kinds of albums we provide, click here.

When can I expect my images, wedding film, and the album?

You can expect your final images and the wedding film in about 8-10 weeks. Though there might be slight delays during peak seasons. Conversely, sometimes we deliver early. On request, we can deliver a sneak peek of the images within a few weeks. To ensure the quality of the deliverables is top-notch, we put in a great amount of effort and quality costs time. The album is designed once the client chooses the images for the album from the full set of delivered processed images. The design process takes about a week. We, then, share the photo book layouts with the client, who is allowed up to two rounds of revision. Once the design is approved, the printing, binding, and shipping process takes at least further two weeks.

Will you upload our images online? Can I request you not to?

We will post our images online on social media sites and our website, and we may even submit these images for certain magazine articles and competitions. Rest assured, these images will not be used for commercial purposes, only for promoting our work. If you don’t want us to publish the images on our site, we charge an additional 50% of the total bill amount because we get more work only when we showcase our existing work. This is non-negotiable. If we were not able to do so, you, as a prospective client, would not have been able to find and hire us. It is only fair that all the other prospective clients are also able to see the good work that we do at your wedding.

Who owns the copyright to these images?

Neeta Shankar Photography Pvt Ltd. reserves the copyright of all images and videos. Clients will be given printing and usage rights. We deliver a set of both low-res and high-res versions of the images. The low-res versions are meant for online display and they’re watermarked with our logo. We request you to upload only watermarked images online and it would be nice if we are tagged along the way. The high-resolution images are not watermarked and can be used for printing purposes.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Equipment is of least importance. But if you really want to know, we shoot with Professional DSLR equipment: 5DMarkIII full-frame bodies and a variety of L series lenses.

What’s a Pre-wedding shoot? Do I need to have it?

A Pre-wedding shoot can be a formal or an informal affair. Depending on what you want, we can give suggestions on outfits and locations so that we can achieve the look you desire. The reason why we suggest pre-wedding shoots to our clients is that it’s a really great way for the couple to get to know each other, for you to get to know us and vice versa. Also, it ensures that on your big day, since you’re already familiar with us, you don’t get camera-shy! It’s a win-win! On a final note, it is best to get this shoot done at least a month before your wedding day.

We also offer Pre-Wedding Films and fun “Save the Date” Films.

Anything else?

For any other questions you have, please feel free to drop us an email. You can also drop by our office in Marathahalli for a consultation (please make sure you call us before to ensure we are not out of office on a shoot). We would love to talk to you

A kind request to all our clients: We consider all of our clients our friends, and some even our family. We request you to extend the same courtesy towards us while we are striving to make your wedding memorable.