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Neeta Shankar Photography Workshops

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PC: Pixel Viilage

After having conducted over 50 workshops and photo-tours, regular online live workshops, numerous speaking engagements in various colleges, keynotes at top photography symposiums in India and a number of online tutorials, it is an understatement to say Neeta loves teaching and sharing her knowledge.

She has conducted workshops on numerous topics ranging from Basics of Photography to Portrait Lighting in association with Godox India, Wedding Photography workshops for Nikon India and Advanced Retouching. She has also conducted numerous photo-tours in association with Toehold to beautiful destinations like Ladakh, Hampi etc.

She enjoys teaching both small groups at her Studio in Bangalore as well as large audiences across the country. She traveled with Better Photography Magazine to 10 cities all over India reaching out to and teaching over 2000 wedding photographers.

Neeta has now started recording various free youtube tutorials for the benefit of photographers. She has been conducting numerous virtual sessions for top brands like Adobe India, Godox India and Nikon India.

Neeta is a mentor at Pixel Viilage and has her classes online on Wedding Photography and Business of Wedding Photography.

Wedding Photography Classes at PixelViilage

22nd & 23rd April 2018, Pune

Wedding Photography Workshop

Proud to announce that I am now a Mentor with Pixel Viilage. This April, I am conducting two back-to-back workshops at the Pixel Viilage Studio in Pune. These sessions will be available online soon for a nominal fee. Watch this space for more details.

Better Photography Workshops

Wedding Photography

High on the Himalayas - Phototour

10-19 September 2016