The Myriad Feelings of Hampi!

Hampi – the name itself brings out myriad feelings in one depending on whether one is a person interested in Mythology, Geology, Art, History, Social History, Irrigation Engineering, Archaeology or just an ordinary person enamored with Nature. So it is no surprise that UNESCO chose it to be a World Heritage center. Hampi acts like a beacon when one is interested in looking back at the bygone years to understand our past in a meaningful way.

Read more here in the article written by my by father-in-law Giridhara Govinda Rao, (Retired Senior Manager, Bank of India), MA in Ancient History for Evolve Back Luxury Resorts blog (Formerly known as Orange County Luxury Resorts). The pictures are by me.

I will be conducting a photo-tour to this majestic place from 29th October to 1st November 2017 the details for which can be found on Toehold’s website here

Tour Highlights

  • A travel-photography masterclass with me.
  • Extensive field assistance and insights into the subjects of photography
  • An authentic travel experience with a wide array of historical monuments, statues and other relics to photograph
  • An exhilarating time walking the historical streets of Hampi and photographing its magnificent ruins
  • three-night stay in a three-star hotel

Neeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-TourNeeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-TourNeeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-TourNeeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-TourNeeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-TourNeeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-TourNeeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-TourvNeeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-Tour Neeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-Tour Neeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-Tour Neeta-Shankar-Evolve-Back-Luxury-Resorts-Hampi-Toehold-Best-Photo-Tour